A-POS Large Store Box

Sale price$155.25

LARGE Store Box includes: 4 Posters (22x28); 4 Window Clings (22x28); 15 Paper PinUp Pads (100 per pad, same message each pad, at least one of each message in each 5 pack); 10 Counter Table Tents (with adhesive tape strip); 10 Magnetic Associate Buttons; 10 Credit Card Toppers (with tape strip); 1 Store Manager Kit (bag, with a campaign booklet, materials sheet, goal poster and bell). The large store kit allows you to drop-ship all of the campaign tools a store needs to implement the "Give a Little, Change a Lot" point of sale campaign--all in one box. Choose the large kit if the store you are working with has more than 4 registers at each location. This kit offers enough supplies for up to 10 registers at a single store. Remember, if you need more supplies, you can order items a la carte right here on TradeWest.com. Direct to store shipping from the vendor is available. Please provide all contact and address information at checkout.

*Vendor item.  Expedited shipping not available.